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               Imagine a universe of heroes who were given their abilities by God.
   Our first story, Samson of Detroit,
we establish a universe of emerging heroes who realize they have been blessed.
       The first three books, or volumes, are origin stories. In the fourth book, they come together to face off against an ancient threat to mankind. 
     That will conclude the series. But not the overall story. There will be three more origin stories and an additional team-up. Its going to be an epic journey. 

Samson of Detroit




                            Book 1

Welcome to Detroit. Meet former college superstar athlete, Andre Cole. He takes the heroes journey through life when he makes a stand against street violence after his family is touched by it. 




                               Book 2

Travel to South America and meet a skilled heroine with supernatural talents. Raised as a FARC rebel watch her navigate through life as she takes her own route on the heroes journey.



                              Book 3: 


Learn about the third and final hero in the series as he goes on a quest in search of an ancient evil.  In the story we travel to the Middle East, Africa and back to Detroit with events set before and during Andre’s story, Book 1. From a new perspective fill in the gaps of what transpired the night of Andre’s final battle.

Book 4 : 

Our heroes agree to join forces as they face the greatest threat to mankind

Spark The Revolution

Ancient Evil

Destiny Fulfilled


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